Yes, I am that girl with the British accent!!!! Born and Raised in London but now fully committed to the Houstonian way of life, My first media opportunity was given to me back in London and that is where my passion grew and took shape, ranging from T.V Shows, radio shows, Documentaries, Producing music videos, Compiling hourly news Bulletins, believe you me, when I say I have done it all….!! But I also on a daily basis count my blessings and fully understand that this is not my doing but a gift from above.
I would also like to take this opportunity to share my disapproval of Aloo and Gajar Salan, I mean why would anyone eat that? What a complete waste of time!! It really is not necessary!!! Ladies (mom) please stop serving us such slop!!! Thanks! Listen to my show from 1pm to 3pm weekday! Between the Bollywood hits, I will always try and squeeze in Cricket Updates, as like most desi’s I LOVE CRICKET!! Music wise, I like to think that I don’t limit myself to just one genre, so you can expect the latest and greatest hits- from the world of Bollywood, Bhangra and Qawali’s ( in the legends- i am a big fan of Kishore Kumar Ji)

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