Niharika is inquisitive, adventurous and is passionate about being a radio personality. Her friends say that her laughter and her smile are unforgettable. Niharika believes in the idea of living with one foot on the known while the other is on the unknown realms of life. She believes that living outside the box while seeking out future journeys is a big part of her life.

Niharika finds great joy in being able to positively affect anyone’s mood through the sound of music. On Monday-Friday you can tune in to her from 7-9 PM. During that time she will provide her audience with a mix of current affairs, Bollywood and what is trending on social media. The music she plays is mostly from the past 20 years. Niharika’s show is all about her listeners. She loves to her about what is going on in your life, the good and the bad. She loves to find a connection with her audience whether it be through music or a shared conversation over the phone.

When Niharika isn’t on the air you can find her traveling, writing poetry or connected with wise people in her life.

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